40% OFF for the Last Juju Hats with the code: LASTCHANCE
40% OFF for the Last Juju Hats with the code: LASTCHANCE
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About us

My name is Marguerite.

Mother of 4, I have always wanted to create my own business in connection with my love for travelling and taste for home furnishings. All in all, a way to run my own business, exploit my passions and still have time to enjoy with my family. That is what I aim to achieve with ALDM.

At A Londres des Marguerites, the products we sell have been chosen and negociated for you and sometimes even made on order for you. My purpose is to introduce you to magical interior designs.

We offer a broad range of atypical and ideal objects for offering.

Each item on this site has been created and crafted by designers and artisans from all over the world. We hope you will like them as much as we do.

ALDM aims to share through interior design some beautiful artisan and designer’s works, their knowhow, culture, love for materials and craftsmanship.

ALDM always tries to feed stocks with new items, offer older successful ones on demand and constantly hunts for new products. We like them modern, unique, handcrafted and atypical. This is our opening to the world for you.

At ALDM we understand that tastes vary from on person to the other. This is the reason why we offer a broad range of styles for home furnishings. We are also always on the hunt for those little findings that women will love for themselves and adorable little presents for kids. 

If you are looking for an original present, Papou Necklace, butterfly or a magnificent juju hat to decorate your interior, please get in contact with us.